The Japanese artillery is happy, and the heavy artillery division is also unambiguous! Qin lie drank and roared like a trapped animal. "Of course! Or what do I want from you?" If you see this scene in the universe, it will certainly frighten the ordinary people to death, but The other four men's faces were full of grief and indignation, but they could only watch the mag The division commander of the 1st column said to the blind Li Da. In the end, they are only afraid to force the other party to agree to their own conditions by means Xiao Yunshan said with a smile, "did he tell you about ye Chu? He is a man without heart peak, or a The right priest stressed in a very discontented voice. Yang Kai reminds a sentence, at the same time, the mind outside, to explore the situation around. After flying about a million miles to the north, he found a vast area of sea. In the middle of the s "Because its external force will not be able to maintain itself, it will not be able to maintain its The chariots and warships, which were made of bones, were also shattered by the explosion of flame a The first time, in the battle of glory, he was about to win. He was suddenly trapped by a grandson w At this moment, people's minds are different and they are thinking about their own positions and Jiang Tong felt that ten thousand grass mud horses were roaring by. "Then I'll go first. If there's a big chance in the soul hall, I'll lose if I'm late But before that, he has to work with his parents to make them accept the fact that he will have seve

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