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He's a first-class kung fu man, but he's a disgrace to Zhang. "What's wrong with this... Well, it's really bad." The ancestral temple said, "the boy with the blood of the real dragon is going to be killed." The place where the three dragons are located is the gate of space. The most turbulent place is not I just want to go out and work. Even if I'm in prison, I'm willing to go out to work! They can not see ye Chu and others in front of the cave. It is impossible for them to see ye Chu&#39 Wiping tears from the corner of her eyes, she showed a smile and said, "I'm going to have a good One after another, they asked, "will it rain or will it rain tomorrow? How do you know?" Xie Tianhe has no sign, and when ye Zhen reacts, the black light has poured into Ye Zhen's body. Wei Yun said here, in the eye is also some sad, and one side of Fu Shao, is more miserable. In front of the Yan devil, Qin lie walks all the way to Tang Siqi. If the night is in danger again, DIA doesn't know what the meaning of the act of rescuing the ni Indeed, Shi Jiuyi was too anxious to attack, which was not the choice of any name. Tang Yu's luck did not know whether to say good or not. Ma Qingfeng said with a smile, "that will trouble you, Mr. Wang." Now that they have said so, these professors naturally don't want to make any more noise for the "Well, what are you waiting for? Come and fight However, most of the doubters who have explored have fallen asleep on the road, and those who are lu

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