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This is the law of nature and the way of heaven as Lao Tzu said In the third level, Ye Xing got the qualification to practice in the cultivation tower and was in a Isn't it supposed to be a flash of light, and then directly appear in the shadow world? In the past half a year, Liu Ben's benefits from various forces are almost astronomical, which i Bai Yuhan said to Xu Zheng again, "brother Xu, you have to stand on a stage for me. Do you take the I've only forged the best sword in less than one hour in ten years? Soul ferry people reward three or two knives, 1000000 Huihui coins, a million reward to send, live G In such a short time, the number of Tang Yu's spirits has almost doubled. "What happened, what happened to Jason?" As soon as the voice fell, the goat's voice came over: "boss Bai, I'm here. You want to see Xiao Ping waved his hand to Zhang Yuxin, saying that he was welcome and entered the hotel without lo "Well, I can't think of someone who is destined to be... An old acquaintance." Lotus, lotus and bamboo holding the pieces in their hands, said with a smile. No one knows how to choose a son better than him. When Gu Qiancheng is in the process of choosing a He turned to look around: "in this case, you must all know what it means." At present, ye Yiming needs a billion points of magic power to enhance the power of each rule's Bashir thought a little and nodded gently. It's almost impossible to create the myth before.

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