"General Hu, our commander wants me to transfer it to you!" If the Chinese Empire could be defeated, it would be worthwhile to trade Xinjiang, Mongolia and Nort Uncle Liang's relationship is indeed very extensive. Twenty minutes later, a friend from the cap Jiuming refused, "let's do it first." But the leader of the six forces can only enter the North Hall. The bird on her shoulder is her contract animal -- Haolan Bingfeng. Murong Yu thought it was strange. However, the tribe was a family, and the Murong tribe was equivale While talking, they were very polite. They exchanged greetings and went outside. They got on Su Zhen As he moved on, besihashu also explained the source of the matter. "I advise you to be quiet now. Otherwise, maybe I'll blow your head first. OK, don't be word In a twinkling of an eye, Du Shiyi has been in the office of the governor of Shuofang for six years. From the other side's appearance, long Aotian guesses the identity of the other party. After see At the same time, Muyu killed his soul, and at the same time, he killed his soul. As soon as the spider appeared, the whole field shot out terrible spines into the air. Living in this bloody Jedi for a long time was not very comfortable for them. Si Kongtu's wife frowned and thought for a moment: "I seem to have mentioned it once." Liu Ben glanced at it, and then it was a light way: "the main server of Teng long." "No wonder that the core was broken so simply just now! It turned out that it was just a cover! Ther

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