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At that moment, he felt both disappointment and indignation in his heart. He could not help but clen In the dense to liquefying silver fog space. He regained control of his body, knew what had just been born, and then a moment of fear. Two people's fists bombard together, a burst of energy. The situation is not right... Listen to this, it doesn't look like the hostage is being beaten. He had a cursory look at all the wool just now. The trace is mysterious, like the track of stars. The sword tip is like stars. "Hiss, it's too strong. The four monsters are worthy of being the strongest of our younger gener "Oh, my God, it's also called an ordnance factory. It's a gun repair shop. In a word, it&#39 "Nothing. This is the newly established Machinery Bureau. There is a new product here. You need to t Surprisingly, it was elder martial brother ah Jiu and martial uncle Jingxuan. I don't know when "In fact, in addition to the white remnant swords, the gray, blue and even red remnant swords are mo Similarly, in the rest of the prince's team, a certain number of members were transported to all "Brother Tang asks elder martial brother Chu for mercy." With the announcement of Zheng Zhan, the competition immediately became a sea of joy. Ye Xing said: "it's very good. Brother heibiao will decide what to do. I will not take part in t However, her right leg is still caught. Su Yi is not a bully, and her left foot is suddenly forced. "It seems that at last someone can't help it!"

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