"Five minutes? Are you kidding? Do you want to take that long? I only bought three minutes." What is it that the East Chamber robbed Wang Jing's property? "The reward after absorbing God's blood is hidden race!" He raised his hand and tapped twice on the office door. Next, Wang stupid can't hear clearly, because the bench walked to the noisy table alone, as if n No one can disobey the power of Fenghuang Shenzong, and no one has the ability to trample on the dig Mo Xin Lan smiles and whispers in Lu Jing's ear: "come to me at night or go to Ye Yan there?" "It's a sudden event. Pandora performed. I didn't know about it beforehand, but the effect w Ma Yunluo did not care about the crisp voice said. Zhao Feng urged blood force, with the help of shadow cloak, into the night "This is the" search instrument "given to me from above. When the instrument lights up, it proves th The voice of the white shadow sounded in Cohen's mind. "What's the problem?" More than 2 million troops have been mobilized. Forth said in great terror, his voice trembling. But it's not over yet, and it's just the beginning! Yan Chixia's eyes moved and said in a soft voice, "so it is! You always have the heart to kill t For their own life, whether it is good or not depends on their own judgment. But now what I can see at the end of the chain is not something more fierce than a dragon, but... A

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