When the four red swords appeared, they immediately covered the body and turned into a strange red l Through the backward deduction, Wang Qinian showed extremely shocking data from these dying viruses. Fang Yu was clucking and struggling out of Shen Feng's arms. He said with a smile, "I lent you t The wanted criminal's face changed, followed his facial muscles twitching, bent his body in grea "Get here intact? It's a little difficult." Zhang Mingzhu is now in the head of fire. Seeing someone walking in front of her, she would like to "Do we want to find a chance to kill them? I have a high outbreak now." Has disappeared in the cold and silent abyss. In the third generation of the Yan family, he is more capable. "I can't go because I'm their Commissar." At least they are important officials at the level of two thousand stones. One of his legs was sitting under his body by ink, all the bones were broken. If the old immortal wants to suppress the injury, is it hard to fight against Zhang Wuji so as to pr "Ha ha ha! You're stupid! You throw that furnace to draw energy from my thunder! Ha ha! My thund "Yes, Zhitao, we should be able to compete with them." With a roar, the evil spirit that had been twined on him suddenly burst into the sky and turned into Amitabha looked at Wangu with a puzzled face, as if he didn't understand his words. "Well, I'm good at acting, aren't I?"

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